Welcome to Dinner and a Movie

Last year, I had a boy over to my apartment for a dinner and movie date. We couldn’t find a recipe that seemed simple enough for our college-student-level resources, so we ended up going to the campus cafeteria. Very romantic. When we returned, we sat on the couch with queasy stomachs and began our movie search. We scrolled through Netflix, then Hulu, then Amazon… It took us an hour to decide on a movie. It still wasn’t a great choice, so we talked through the whole thing (my dad will be happy to read that). Very nice boy, but the date wasn’t top tier and neither the food nor the film were very memorable.

It’s a Problem.

Picking a movie is always a task. I love movies, and I’ve made a million lists of ones that I’d like to watch. Unfortunately, they’ve all ended up lost and their titles forgotten. Finding a recipe can be just as much of a struggle. I dreamed of learning to cook for a long time, but was often discouraged by long lists of ingredients and terms in recipe instructions like “brunoise” (how do I brunoise something? Is that even a verb?) Anyways, I don’t think I have the skill to brunoise anything. I’m still working on perfecting my zesting abilities.

So good movies take forever to find, and recipes can be daunting. Lucky for you, I’ve watched quite a few bad movies, but also some pretty great ones. I’ve stopped writing my movie lists on napkins and started keeping track of what I love about all of my favorite films. I’ve also been experimenting with food and have compiled a pretty solid roster of simple and relatively healthy recipes.

My Solution

Welcome to Dinner and a Movie. My goal is to help you skip all the planning, and just get to the plan. I’ll be posting a recipe that I love and a few movie recommendations every week so that you can have a fantastic date, treat your parents or kids to a home cooked meal and family movie night, have a girls (or boys) night in, or simply enjoy a meal and a movie by yourself. Recipes will come earlier in the week, so you have time to get ingredients. Movies will come later so that you don’t get too excited and look up how they end. Put the two together, and your night is made.


If you’d like to stay in the loop and away from another night of rewatching The Office (I know it’s funny, I’ve seen it 5 times too) while eating bagel bites for dinner (they’re great, but branch out), subscribe for your weekly plan. If there are recipes you’d like to see me post or movies you want me to review, I’d love your suggestions! Meanwhile, tell your friends/boyfriends/girlfriends/parents/kids that you have an idea for this weekend. They’ll be saying “Dinner and a Movie? DAAM. Sounds like a plan.”


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